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Fall Ball FAQ

Fall Ball Introduction

Fall Ball was created to give players an opportunity to play more baseball/softball in a relaxing environment to both have fun and improve skills.  Teams typically will only practice once per week, and play once per weekend.

The scaled back schedule of Fall Ball should minimize schedule conflicts for players participating in another fall sport.

It runs for approximately 8 weeks beginning in early September (dates are slightly different for each age level / league).

Players registering for Fall Ball should register for the level they will play during regular season of Spring of the next year.  For example:  Baseball uses a cutoff date of May 1st.  If a player is presently 10 years old in the Fall, but turn 11 before May 1st, they should register for the 11 year old league, which is Bronco.

Fall Ball Refund Policy

  • Cancel within the first 7 days of registration = refund 100%
  • Cancel after the first 7 days BUT before the league starts = refund less cost of uniform
  • Cancel after the league starts = no refund
  • $10 processing fee applies to all refunds

Softball Fall Ball Schedules

Muppet, Midget & Minor

Practice 1-2 time per week days scheduled by the coach

Games on Sundays for 8 weeks begining 9/8



Practice 1-2 times per week days scheduled by the coach

Games on Saturdays for 8 weeks begining on 9/7

Baseball Fall Ball Schedules

Baseball leagues

League Age
Pinto 7-8
Mustang 9-10
Bronco 11-12
Pony 13-14
Colt 15+

Age Cutoff Date

CGYBS Baseball ages are determined by age as of May 1st.

For example, a player born Apr 30, 2009 would be considered 9 years old for the 2018 season.  A player born May 1, 2009 would be considered 8 years old for the 2018 season.

Softball Leagues

League Grade
Muppet 1-2
Midget 3-4
Minor 5-6
Major 7-8
Senior 15+ age

Age Cutoff Date

CGYBS Softball Leagues are organized by Grade (age independent)