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Mission Statement

Located in Cary, Illinois, CGYBS serves the baseball and softball needs of nearly 1000 children each year. CGYBS is one of the oldest organized youth baseball leagues in Illinois, originated in 1953 by a group of interested and dedicated volunteers. Conceived to provide organized endeavor for the purpose of aiding, supporting, and coordinating good citizenship, sportsmanship and recreation for the boys and girls of the Cary and Fox River Grove communities.

Co-Ed T-Ball

Ages 5-6

Baseball leagues

League Age
Pinto 7-8
Mustang 9-10
Bronco 11-12
Pony 13-14
Colt 15+

Age Cutoff Date

CGYBS Baseball ages are determined by age as of May 1st.

For example, a player born Apr 30, 2009 would be considered 9 years old for the 2018 season.  A player born May 1, 2009 would be considered 8 years old for the 2018 season.

Softball Leagues

League Grade
Muppet 1-2
Midget 3-4
Minor 5-6
Major 7-8
Senior 15+ age

Age Cutoff Date

CGYBS Softball Leagues are organized by Grade (age independent)