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    Help Support CGYBS 9/6 at 6PM during the D26 Vote on Maplewood

    D26 Maplewood Update

    D26 will be holding a special session this Wednesday 9/6 at 6:00pm (open session to the public) to again vote on the construction of the Transportation Center at Maplewood. Building the transportation center will demolish our concession stand, equipment shed, and field M2. CGYBS will not be able to use the Maplewood fields for all of 2024 at the very least.

    We are hopeful that our CGYBS family will show up on Wednesday to support our league. Bring the kids in uniform!

    No matter the result of the vote we will be respectful of the proceedings and the folks involved, just like we would be with umpires on the ballfield.

    A letter from the President

    I hope this letter finds you and your family well and that you had a fun and rewarding season. I want to thank our officers, directors, coaches, umpires, employees, and families for contributing to our success. So much effort and collaboration go into making each season the best for our players.

    Unfortunately, I need to share some concerning news with you. On Monday, August 7th, Travel Director Greg Case and I met with new Cary School District 26 Superintendent Dr. Brandon White and members of his staff. We were told CGYBS will not be able to use Maplewood for the spring and summer of 2024.

    The school building will be torn down and a new transportation facility will be built. Once complete, our concession stand, storage shed, and M2 will be no more. While I fully understand Maplewood does not belong to CGYBS and there is no expectation that the school board would consult with CGYBS regarding the property, I was shocked. I understand School District 26 needs a new transportation facility. But the plans as presented have significant consequences for our organization. Consider the following:

    • The loss of the concession stand is problematic for many reasons. First and foremost, we do not have the funds to rebuild it after we are allowed to return to Maplewood. Not only will we lose thousands of dollars in annual revenue, but we will need to pay for portable toilets since our current restrooms are in the stand. Secondly, we will need to find another storage area for our league gear (baseballs, softballs, catcher gear, etc.) which is currently stored upstairs. The need for a storage area will likely involve an additional cost. Finally, CGYBS will be forced to reduce the number of young people from our communities employed as concession workers.
    • Losing the storage shed will also provide some challenges. The shed currently houses our field maintenance equipment (lawnmowers, trap rakes, etc.). We will need to find a separate location to store this equipment and will have to truck it to Maplewood for field preparation. Having to lease space for the equipment will be an additional financial burden for CGYBS.
    • District 26 currently pays CGYBS to mow the grass and generally care for the Maplewood property. Not having access to the fields in 2024 will not only result in a loss of direct revenue but will also threaten the field improvements from last fall and this past spring as the infields need to be continually maintained.
    • M2, the site of our opening day ceremony each season, will be gone. The current transportation facility took M1. This project will leave CGYBS with five remaining fields at Maplewood, four if the village's plan for the road extension becomes a reality.

    While this information may be hard to hear, there is no need to panic. The officers and directors are already working on alternate field schedules and plans to address the concerns outlined above. We will need to lean on our partners next year, especially the Cary Park District. For the fall season, we will be working with the Algonquin Area Youth Organization as we explore the potential of a long-term partnership.

    Dr. White and his staff were more than willing to work with CGYBS, including the possible development of new fields on other school district properties, but at our expense. CGYBS does not have the financial means to build new fields. Having additional fields to play on would be great, but there is little that can be done to replace the sense of community that we all feel on a Saturday afternoon at Maplewood.

    I intend to appear before the school board on August 21st and 28th to ensure the members of the board fully understand the ramifications of their plan and how the children of District 26 will be negatively impacted. I encourage you to join me and other members of CGYBS at these meetings so the District 26 school board understands how their Maplewood redevelopment plan will impact our community. Meetings will be held at the Cary Junior High School starting at 6 PM.

    As we progress, we may ask for your help whether that be with moving or some other tasks. The officers and directors of CGYBS remain firmly committed to our players, the young people from our communities. We will not fail them. CGYBS will rise to the challenge at hand and persevere as we have for 70 years. Thank you for your continued support.


    Bob Johnson




    2023 CGYBS Parade

    Maplewood Tribute

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    Summary: Phases 1, 2, & 2.25


    • Transition lips removed from all fields
    • All infields graded and pitched
    • Turface applied to all infields to firm playing surfaces
    • Outfields rolled
    • Dead tree behind M5 and M6 removed
    • Tree stump near M4 removed
    • Scoreboards for M2 and M3 straightened
    • Weeds removed from under bleachers and mulch put down
    • Brick paver seat wall added around flagpole near concessions

    Cary Junior High

    • Transition lips removed from both fields
    • All infields graded and pitched
    • Turface applied to both infields to firm playing surfaces
    • Outfields rolled
    • All fencing repaired
    • Weeds removed from under bleachers and mulch put down
    • New limestone for batting cages
    • Batting cages netting and fences repaired
    • Mulch put down around batting cages
    • Dugout entries cut out, limestone put down to eliminate mud

    Algonquin Road Schoolhouse

    • Transition lips removed from both fields
    • ARS 1 made larger to accommodate 80’ bases
    • Both infields graded and pitched
    • Turface applied to both infields to firm playing surfaces
    • Outfields rolled
    • Weeds removed from under bleachers and limestone put down


    • Transition lip removed
    • Infield graded and pitched
    • Turface applied to infield to firm playing surface
    • Outfield rolled
    • Weeds removed from under bleachers and mulch put down

    Why Turface?

    A representative from Conserv inspected the fields. Properly grading the infields was the first step in enhancing field drainage. The second step involved firming the playing surfaces. Following the Conserv representative’s advice should improve the firmness of all playing surfaces while enhancing field drainage.

    Special Thanks

    These improvements would not have been possible without the hard work of Treasurer Barb Saylor, Travel Director Greg Case, Scott Smith and our field crew, and members of Aspen Landscape and Nursery.  

    More to Come

    Planning for Phases 2.75 and 3.0 are currently underway. More work to do, more improvements to come in 2023!

    CGYBS 70th Anniversary Trivia Fundraiser

    Thank you to Stephanie and Jamie for organizing a fun-filled event.

    Facility Rules

    CGYBS families - A few reminders on various policies that apply to our facilities.

    No Pets allowed on School District Property (Maplewood and Cary Jr High).  Please observe this rule so that we may continue to have access to our fields.

    No Smoking allowed at CGYBS games.

    Parking.  Please limit car parking to designated spots in our lots or on the streets.

    Thank you !

    Need help finding your team schedule ?

    Please see the document below for instructions on using our calendar.


    With the recent uptick in COVID cases, we want to remind everyone of current isolation and quarantine protocols. 

    Quarantine is required for anyone exposed to someone with COVID for five days if the exposed person is not up-to-date on his or her COVID vaccination.

    Isolation is required for anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID or for anyone who tests positive for COVID. Isolation can end five days after symptoms provided the person has been fever-free for 24 hours. Continued symptoms require a longer isolation period. Isolation is required for five days beginning with the date of positive test (day zero) if a person does not develop symptoms.



    2023 Baseball Bat Regulations and Information

    Please see our new Bat Requirements page for league-by-league information on bat weight, length, and BPF requirements.

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