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N60 Part-Time Travel

NIASL 2019 In-House Travel Baseball

The Northern Illinois All Star League (NIASL) is a competitive, part-time travel baseball program that features teams from various northern Illinois communities.

WHAT is Part-Time Travel Baseball?

The part-time travel baseball program (also known as N60) is perfect for those in-house players interested in playing more competitive baseball games in addition to their regular in-house games.

The program was designed to provide such players the opportunity to play games against other communities with competitive programs throughout Lake, Cook, Du Page, Kane, and McHenry Counties.

This is a great alternative to the commitment and cost of fulltime travel and is meant to enhance in-house players' development and elevate their game within the baseball community.

WHEN are games played?

From the beginning of April through the end of June; N60 players may play as many as 12 to 18 baseball games, plus a minimum of two tournaments, in addition to their regular in-house games. Note: The N60 season is meant to coexist with the regular in-house season. Generally, all N60 games will be played on Fridays and Sundays excluding the tournaments. Games will be scheduled with the intent to not interfere with in-house game schedules.

N60 players may be asked to attend additional practices in addition to any practices they may have with their in-house teams. (NOTE: In-house games take priority over N60 games and practices.)

WHO can sign up?

The opportunity to participate in this program is open to all registered 8U-14U in-house players. The number of teams are dependent on player, coach, and league interest.


The cost for N60 is determined by each community. There is no actual league fee paid for participating in the NIASL. All N60 costs are in addition to any in-house league fees. Each individual N60 coach may choose to add a third tournament and/or indoor practice time with additional costs.

In general, the cost incurred by each N60 team includes uniforms, tournament fees, and supplying an umpire and two new baseballs for each home game. The N60 base fee for 2019 is $190.00 per player. Adding a third tournament and/or indoor practice time will increase the fee per player.

N60 Registration and Tryouts Schedule

N60 Registration for the 2019 season will close on Dec 31, 2018.
Tryouts will be scheduled in early/mid-January at The Power Alley/Crystal Lake (6105 Factory Road, Unit B).

Sign up for tryouts using the link below !


The Registration "N60 Part-Time Travel" is not currently available.

Bob Johnson

N60 Director