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CGYBS Executive Board Update 6/30/2020


CGYBS Family,

As Illinois has entered Phase 4 of Restore Illinois, we’d like to invite you to register for a late summer / fall season. 

When registering for “Fall Ball”, please be sure to register your child for the league / level they would have played in the spring 2020 season.

We will be introducing Stallion / Fillies (T-Ball) for the 2020 Fall season in addition to the regular levels that we’ve had in the past.

We do not have a firm start or end date for “Fall Ball” but are targeting a late-July /early August start with the baseball season over by mid-October, and the softball season running to mid to late October. 

When registering for baseball & Stallions/Fillies,  you will not be required to make a payment. Costs for our late summer / fall baseball (+Stallion Fillies) season will be determined later once we establish the number of games we intend to play.

Softball registration will have the fees posted, and payment will be required at the time of registration.

***Registration deadline is July 15, 2020***

Should the season be cut short due to COVID related restrictions, the unused portion of your registration will be refunded.

If/when we play, our intention is to follow recommendations from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO), as this is the government office that is supplying businesses and youth sports organizations alike with guidelines for reopening. The Phase 4 plan  can be found here:

CGYBS will provide more details in terms of what to expect at our fields if/when games are being played, but expect social distancing, closed bleachers, and limited dugout use, among other things.

Make no mistake: this season will look very different than any other since 1953, and every player, parent, and coach will be responsible for our collective safety and success. 

Thanks, as always, for your continued support of CGYBS. 

Stay Safe!


CGYBS Board of Directors

2019-2020 Baseball Bat Regulations and Information

Please see our new Bat Requirements page for league-by-league information on bat weight, length, and BPF requirements.

CGYBS RainedOut SMS Alerts

Facility Rules

CGYBS families - A few reminders on various policies that apply to our facilities.

No Pets allowed on School District Property (Maplewood and Cary Jr High).  Please observe this rule so that we may continue to have access to our fields.

No Smoking allowed at CGYBS games.

Parking.  Please limit car parking to designated spots in our lots or on the streets.

Thank you !

Need help finding your team schedule ?

Please see the document below for instructions on using our calendar.