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2021 Director search continues

CGYBS Family,

We're still looking for help for 2021 concession and Stallion/Fillies (T-Ball).  We've got 1 person that has volunteered their time (Melissa Garski) to help with concessions but we need at least 1 more person (preferably 2) to get involved.

At this point, we do NOT have a volunteer to run our Stallions/Fillies division for 2021.  Please consider lending your time an talents to the kids of our community.

I'm happy to discuss either position with you should you have questions.  I can be reach at 847-226-4431 or at should you want to chat.

Having been a director in the league for several years--2 at Stallion and 2 at Pinto--I can tell you that it's very rewarding to give back to our wonderful community. Does it take up some of your free time: yeah, it does.  But knowing that you are helping the kids of Cary and FRG makes it worth-while.

I hope that some folks out there will join our cause for the kids of Cary-FRG!

Stay Safe!

Dave King

CGYBS Mustang Co-Director





2021 Director Search


CGYBS is looking to fill several director positions for the 2021 season for both softball and baseball.  As you know, CGYBS is a league made up of residents who donate their time and talents to the children of Cary, Fox River Grove, and surrounding communities.  Simply put, this league does not work without the volunteerism of our families, and we need some help for 2021.  As you’ll see below, we have several softball vacancies that must get filled, as well as a couple of baseball spots and concession directors, too.

If you are interested in helping out or would like to get more information as to what kind of time commitment is necessary, contact Tom Rivera, Softball Director ( or Larry Hanks, Baseball Director ( .  If interested in concessions, contact Bob Johnson, Vice President (


Thanks for your consideration…we need your help!


Baseball Openings: Stallion (T-Ball) & Colt (High School)

Softball OpeningsDirector of Concession (looking for 2 people to fill this role)

Stay Safe!

CGYBS Board of Directors

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Facility Rules

CGYBS families - A few reminders on various policies that apply to our facilities.

No Pets allowed on School District Property (Maplewood and Cary Jr High).  Please observe this rule so that we may continue to have access to our fields.

No Smoking allowed at CGYBS games.

Parking.  Please limit car parking to designated spots in our lots or on the streets.

Thank you !

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